Mastering Greek for Travelers II

Numbers, Days, Months, Weather, and Time


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Elevate your Greek for seamless travel with “Mastering Greek for Travelers II” and dive into essential skills: numbers, days, months, weather, and time.  

From confident transactions to planning under the Greek sun, each lesson guides you through vital every-day conversations and timekeeping. 

Enroll to unlock the freedom of fluent navigation and enrich your travels in Greece with cultural immersion and linguistic competence! 

What you'll learn

Upon completing this unit, you will have the ability to: 

  • Express and understand numbers, including ordinals, days of the week, and months in Greek, facilitating various travel-related scenarios. 
  • Ask about and describe weather conditions, enabling you to plan activities and make travel decisions. 
  • Ask for and tell the time in Greek using different methods, enhancing your time management and communication skills while traveling. 

Course Content

Lesson 1: “Numbers 1-100 in Greek”

Lesson 1: 

“Numbers 1-100 in Greek” 

Master the essential numbers from 1 to 100 in Greek to enhance your language skills and facilitate various travel-related situations such as counting, shopping, and understanding prices. 

Lesson 2: “Numbers 100 to 1,000,000,000 in Greek”

Lesson 2: 

“Numbers 100 to 1,000,000,000 in Greek” 

Expand your knowledge of Greek numbers to include those from 100 to 1,000,000,000. This comprehensive lesson will empower you to handle numerical information confidently while traveling, from currency to large quantities. 

Lesson 3: “Ordinal Numbers in Greek”

Lesson 3: 

“Ordinal Numbers in Greek” 

Learn how to use ordinal numbers in Greek while traveling. These numbers indicate order, sequence, and ranking, enhancing your ability to navigate various situations, from finding addresses to understanding dates and directions. 

Lesson 4: “Days of the Week in Greek”

Lesson 4: 

“Days of the Week in Greek” 

Familiarize yourself with the days of the week in Greek to effectively plan and organize your travel itinerary. This lesson will help you schedule activities, make reservations, and engage in day-to-day interactions during your journey. 

Lesson 5: “Months in Greek for Travelers”

Lesson 5: 

“Months in Greek for Travelers” 

Learn the names of the months in Greek to assist in scheduling and understanding date-related information while traveling. This lesson will enable you to effectively communicate and plan your activities throughout the year in Greece. 

Lesson 6: “Inquiring About the Weather in Greek While Traveling”

Lesson 6: 

“Inquiring About the Weather in Greek While Traveling” 

Learn how to ask questions and engage in conversations about the weather in Greek, a valuable skill for planning outdoor activities, packing, and making travel-related decisions during your trip. 


Lesson 7: “Describing the Weather in Greek While Traveling”

Lesson 7: 

“Describing the Weather in Greek While Traveling” 

Master the ability to effectively convey and describe the weather conditions in Greek while traveling. This skill will enable you to share valuable information with others and engage in weather-related conversations during your journey. 

Lesson 8: “Asking for the Time in Greek While Traveling”

Lesson 8: 

“Asking for the Time in Greek While Traveling” 

Learn how to inquire about the current time in Greek, a practical skill for scheduling and coordinating activities during your travels. 


Lesson 9: “Telling Time in Various Ways in Greek – Part A”

Lesson 9: 

“Telling Time in Various Ways in Greek – Part A” 

Explore different methods of expressing and conveying time in Greek to enhance your ability to understand and communicate schedules and appointments effectively during your travels. 

Lesson 10: “Telling Time in Various Ways in Greek – Part B”

Lesson 10: 

“Telling Time in Various Ways in Greek – Part B” 

Explore different methods of expressing and conveying time in Greek to enhance your ability to understand and communicate schedules and appointments effectively during your travels. 

Lesson 11: “Telling Time in Various Ways in Greek – Part C”

Lesson 11: 

“Telling Time in Various Ways in Greek – Part C” 

Explore different methods of expressing and conveying time in Greek to enhance your ability to understand and communicate schedules and appointments effectively during your travels. 


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Mastering Greek for Travelers II


Master the Essentials: Numbers, Days, Months, Weather, and Time 

Take your Greek language skills to the next level with our course, “Mastering Greek for Travelers II.”  Expand your repertoire of essential phrases and vocabulary, equipping yourself with the tools needed for fluid communication in Greece. 


Counting and Numerical Fluency: Navigating Transactions 

Deepen your understanding of Greek numbers, allowing you to confidently handle transactions, including shopping, dining, and transportation. Master the art of counting, ordering quantities, and understanding prices, ensuring seamless interactions during your travels. 


Days of the Week and Months: Time Awareness in Greek 

Immerse yourself in the Greek calendar as you learn the days of the week and months. Acquire the linguistic skills to schedule activities, make plans, and understand the rhythm of Greek life. Whether it’s exploring historical sites or attending cultural events, you’ll navigate time with ease. 


Weather Conversations: Embracing the Elements 

Engage in conversations about the weather, a topic that unites people from all cultures. Learn vocabulary related to weather conditions, seasons, and climate, allowing you to discuss and understand the atmospheric conditions during your stay in Greece. 


Telling the Time: Timekeeping Made Simple 

Master the art of asking and telling the time in Greek. From catching a train to meeting up with friends, develop the ability to express and comprehend time with precision, ensuring you are punctual and well-prepared. 


Enroll Today and Enhance Your Language Skills for Travel! 

Join our course and take your Greek language skills to new heights. From numbers and days of the week to weather conversations and telling time, equip yourself with the linguistic tools necessary for seamless travel in Greece. Enroll now and embark on a language journey that will elevate your travel experiences, enabling you to communicate effortlessly and navigate Greece with confidence. 

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Finally, a Greek class where we actually DO something! I learnt so much after only one month, I feel comfortable speaking a little Greek already :)
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I’m convinced this is one of the best online Greek courses!



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