Our Team

Allow me to introduce myself!

I am Irini Karageorgou. I was born in Lamia. I grew up all over Greece because my father was a military officer and we often relocated. I studied Greek literature because I wanted to deeply understand the Greek language and history. I love hearing foreigners speak Greek, so I continued my studies in “Teaching Greek as a Second or Foreign Language,” acquiring the ability to teach Greek to foreigners. Indeed, I have been teaching foreigners – Europeans, Americans, Westerners – Greek for the past 15 years. My experience guided me in creating all the material for GREEK TALK. I traveled to France and admired their mindset of not speaking any other language. It may have challenged me, but it also inspired me. It forced me to speak French, to communicate with the French in French – what a striking experience to connect with another people, with the identity of another nation. And I also went to their homes; I had to be prepared. Here in Greece, we do everything we can to abandon our identity. We consider the continuous use of foreign words a sign of education, and we end up speaking English among ourselves in Greece… It angers me that we turn our backs on our identity. It bothers me that when you come to Greece, we rush to learn all your languages to serve you, and from our servility – a remnant of our enslaved mentality of 400 years – we deprive you of contact with our language, with our identity. My desire, which has evolved into a passion, is indeed to spread the Greek language, Greek customs, the Greek mentality, and soul, not so much of the urban Greek who constantly tries to modernize but of the rural Greek who still preserves the language, traditions, values, and customs of Greece intact. Greece is not just sun, sea, and fun; Greece has its own identity, its own history, its own character… that’s what I want to show you, that’s what I want to teach you, and my team whose main qualification is the love for Greece, for the Greek language, for the Greek mentality.

Our team of collaborators comprises individuals from diverse backgrounds and expertise, all united by a shared passion for excellence and innovation. With a collective commitment to achieving our goals, each member brings unique skills and perspectives to the table, enriching our collaborative efforts and driving forward our mission. Together, we leverage our collective strengths to overcome challenges, foster creativity, and deliver impactful results.

Scientific collaborators:

  • Ioanna Halepli, philologist

  • Sophia Gkouzouni, philologist

  • Matoula Skiada, philologist

  • Stella Hara, philologist

  • Tina Karagianni, English teacher

With warm regards,

Irini Karageorgou